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Komboloi ~ stop smoking aid

Komboloi ~ Discover the Secrets of Ancient Greece
the natural aid to Stop Smoking, Relieve Stress, Ease Joint Pain





ONLY 9.99

Komboloi have been used in Greece for thousands of years to take one's mind away from what troubles it, bringing a calm and relaxed state to the mind and body, a kind of serenity ! 
The ancient Greeks understood that by methodically twirling, dangling, swinging and passing the beads through the fingers the mind was taken away from bad feelings and indeed bad habits.
We feel that with so many people wishing to give up or at least cut down on smoking, excessive eating and drinking, and with the increase in stress related illness, the magic of the Komboloi is just as relevant today.
So we would like to share with you the power of Komboloi
     The Greek Natural Products Company
          present a gift from   
      The Olive Tree, The Tree of Life  
     a gift of Health, Vitality & Well-Being 
      Symbol of Peace & Good Spirit    
Don't Smoke the WEED
Play with the BEAD 

natural products from the land,
chosen by the gods & chosen by nature